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As a borrower you may have rights in your loan and mortga
ge. If you obtained a mortgage or refinance from January 1, 2001 until the present you may be able to restructure your repayment terms or payoff, even if you do not have financial difficulty.

It is well documented that banks engaged in predatory lending practice, coerced debtors into bad loan, created a lending frenzy, lost original Notes and Mortgage documents, engaged
in robosigning and falsifying documents, and bought and sold security paper at will.

Even if you can afford your mortgage that does not mean you have to pay what your bank says. If you cannot afford your mortgage you may be entitled to restructure the Note to an affordable repayment. We will audit your documents to determine what your rights are.

Mostmortgages provided the past decade were traded as a security backed instrument on Wall Street in New York City. That means the Notes had to have changed hands. However, if the financial institutions did not do this properly, you may be entitled to revoke the entire security of your mortgage.

If your lending institution engaged in bad lending practices you can be entitled to offset the amount you owe by thousands of dollars. Let us conduct a full forensic and security audit on your loan and protect your rights.

To Our Clients Located Nationally: Bring Your Suit In New York

Even if your loan is outside of New York you may be able to sue your bank in New York. You want experienced and proactive attorneys on your side. If your lending instution or the servicing company are located in New York, or if it was placed in a Trust and the Trust is in New York, you can sue your lending institution and protect your rights in the very place it bought and sold your loan on the New York Stock Exchange.

Law Offices of David M. Schlachter, LLC have the experience and knowledge to properly review your documents, apprise you of your rights, and protect your right through litigation.

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