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Mortgage Debt Help, Advocacy, and Mediation

Modification is just the beginning

Let us fight for your right to stay in your home. Law Offices of David M. Schlachter, LLC, is Certified as a Mortgage Foreclosure Mediator and Homeowner Advocate*. 


Especially during these tough economic times, we help homeowners facing mortgage debt modify their loans, stay in their homes, and obtain more affordable payment plans.

Keeping homeowners in their homes is vital. During tough economic times homeowners face the important issue of being able to stay in their home. Lenders also face the important issue of being able to own assets that produce income. It is this mutual ground that has started a trend in chancing mortgage foreclosure practice.

Why Hire Us and Not do it yourself or hire a "consultant" or organization?

Simply: we audit your loan and fight for your legal rights.
Importantly: no commissions, no powers of attorney, and you always can reach us with questions and updates on your case. Additionally, we are certified, and can do things they cannot. We know how to put the modification packages together, we know the programs, and we can push your package through to completion.


Especially with the news of the "robo signers" and other bad lending practices coming to light, banks are now focusing on modifying loans. However, they will not modify loans any easier. You still need the professional help to navigate the complex rules and red tape of the modification process.


The first thing to know is that the modification process does not put a stay on the foreclosure process. If you cannot obtain a modification before final judgment is issues, your time has run out. We do defend foreclosure and give you plenty of time to obtain a work-out. In this area of the law, the risks and stakes are as great as can be. Homeowners in mortgage debt stands to lose their homes, neighborhoods, children's place at school, and standing in their communities. Losing a home means moving out of a residence, uprooting a family, and trying to find an affordable residence in a location that may not be ideal. Because so much is at risk, homeowners at risk of foreclosure are tempted to turn to the first sign of help. This can be a serious mistake. If the organization or consultant is not properly trained or vested in their cases, homeowners risk losing their homes and communities. Additionally, many of these organizations and consultants take a commission of the benefits, and you will never catch them on the phone. Even pro bono help in this area can be a mistake. If the attorney donating the time is not qualified or vested in the case the homeowner can lose time, money, and the home.

Even if you are merely choking on your mortgage payments, but are still current, we may be able to help you obtain better rates and monthly payments. Our firm is certified* and specially trained in mortgage foreclosure defense, advocacy, and mediation, and regulated by the bar and courts of two states. We understand what is at stake, will invest in your case, and fight for your rights. Contact us to find out your legal rights. We do not work on commission, so we pass on all the benefits we obtain to you.


Modification When You Are "Only" Choking

If you find yourself choking on your mortgage payments we may be able to help you reduce your payments. We do this by using the many tools there are available. The tools include reducing principal, reducing interest, no-interest balloons, floating remainders, and no-penalty forbearance. Whatever we do, we do not fluctuate your payments so that you know you are getting terms you can afford. See the next column on how our audit helps you.

Beware of the Scams

As a homeowner, you may have been lured into mortgages that you cannot afford. You may have undertaken a mortgage you did afford, but can no longer do so. Either way, do not be lured by the "consultants" and scams. We have been specially trained to advocate on behalf of the homeowner and defend a homeowner in a foreclosure action.

Do not wait for foreclosure before you start to uphold your rights. If you are having trouble paying your mortgage payments, then you should contact us immediately. We may be able to protect your rights and keep you in your home. We use many tools to fight for your right to stay in your home.

* David M. Schlachter is certified by the New Jersey Administration Office of the Courts as a Mortgage Foreclosure Mediator and specially trained by the New York Bar Association as a Mortgage Foreclosure Advocate