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Foreclosure is a Real Issue. Let us Protect You and Your Home!

Historically, 95% of homeowners have defaulted during their foreclosure. Because of the increase in foreclosures, State and Federal laws were established to protect homeowners. Let us protect your legal rights to stay in your home!    

However, you have rights. You may actually have defenses to your foreclosure action and can keep your home. Recently, the news found out what we knew a long time ago, namely about the ''robo signers'' and other bad lending business practices. You have a right to be defended.


New York and New Jersey have changed their procedures on handling mortgage foreclosure litigation. For example, New York has instituted a mandatory settlement conference for certain sub-prime, "high cost" and "predatory lending" cases. New Jersey instituted the option of a voluntary mediation program to help homeowners work out deals with lenders. Our office prides itself as being part of both of these new pilot programs. In this way, Law Offices of David M. Schlachter, LLC is on the cutting edge of the ever-changing legal process and we have the know-how, tools, and experience to help you.

Also, let us help you apply for federal stimulus funds. The U.S. Treasury Department is now seeking applications its new Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan. Let us help you apply and see if you qualify.

Remember, the modification process does not stop the foreclosure process. Additionally, bankruptcy does not always help your mortgage troubles.


What we do for our clients

Your legal rights is step one. We do a complete forensic audit of your loan and determine your legal rights. We then look at the foreclosure process and determine if you have rights in the way the bank is foreclosing on your home. Then we assert these defenses and use them as leverage to stop the foreclosure process and obtain a modification settlement. Of course, past success is not guarantee of future results.  Let us protect your rights, fight for your right to stay in your home, obtain a work-out and modification for you, and settle your foreclosure action on terms you can afford.


Tax and Credit Report Protection

A major consideration in the way we protect your home is to protect you from negative tax implications and credit report damage due to debt forgiveness. Because we are a law firm and not a no-name company, we can protect your legal rights, including avoiding income tax implications and credit score damage done by standard debt forgiveness. Debt forgiveness triggers income tax. (To a certain extent New York State has remedied this). Debt forgiveness also take a hard toll on your credit score. We obtain a settlement of claim for you to avoid both issues.

Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation

Using the many tools available to the homeowner and the lender, our office can mediate your mortgage foreclosure dispute. In many cases, mediation is a better alternative to diving into a complex, expensive, and difficult foreclosure action. Mediation is also an option to help resolve cases that already are in foreclosure. After a successful mediation, the homeowner and lender walk away with what they want without having spent the time and expense in foreclosure litigation. You can learn more about mediation on our Mediation page.