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Debtor's Rights - Reduce Your Debt by Thousands of Dollars

You have rights as a debtor. When you signed your credit agreement or mortgage, you did not sign away your rights. Creditors are governed by strict compliance, consumer credit, and banking laws. They must act fairly and in good faith. This is great news for debtors. Before you think about bankruptcy, think about digging yourself out of debt by fighting for your rights. If you cannot, we can help with your bankruptcy filing.

In this area we work closely with you to uphold your rights. We also work with debt counselors so that you can learn how to manage your money. Managing money is only part of the battle. We audit your loan and contracts to delineate your valid defenses and put together a strong legal position. You have the right to renegotiate your debt. This means settling with creditors for cents on the dollar and lower interest rates, and lower monthly payments. This also means modifying your mortgage so that you can settle on payments you can afford and stay in your home. With our help you will be well on your way to standing firmly in the black.

There are four main areas of debtor help:

Mortgage Debt

Mortgage Foreclosure

Commercial Mortgage Modification

Sue Your Bank!

Credit Card