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Credit Card Debt Help - Settle Your Debt

If you have multiple credit cards and thousands of dollars of debt, do not automatically think bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is an option, but it should be a last resort. You can save yourself from debt without bankruptcy. You can fight and settle for cents on the dollar! 


Let us fight for you. We take no commissions and make you sign no power of attorney.

Keep your credit score in tact by fighting your debt. Yes, you signed a huge contract with the credit card companies, but you did not sign away all your rights. You still have rights. Credit card companies must comply with strict compliance, regulatory, and ethical laws, including consumer rights and banking laws. We review your contract along with your situation, find your defenses, and fight for your rights.


These are some of the areas we can protect you in:

Credit Card Debt

Department Store Debt

Medical Bills Debt

Whatever area of debt you're in, we may be able to help you get out. We work with financial advisers and debt counselors so that after we fight for your rights, you will have the tools to stay in the black.